A function for creating scrambled Halton draws. The code is a translation of the [GAUSS](http://www.caee.utexas.edu/prof/bhat/FULL_CODES.htm) codes written by Professor Chandra Bhat. Note that the maximum number of dimensions for the scrambled Halton draws is limited to 16. This is because only permutations up to prime 16 are included in the permutation matrix. Extending to more than 16 dimensions can be achieved by including a different permutation matrix.

make_scrambled_halton(n_ind, n_draws, n_dim)



Number of individuals in your sample


Number of draws per respondent


Number of dimensions


The permutations are based on the Braaten-Weller algorithm.


Bhat, C. n_draws., 2003, Simulation Estimation of Mixed Descrete Choice Models Using Randomized and Scrambled Halton Sequences, Transportation Research Part B, 9, pp. 837-855